Biofreeze 4 oz Spray Bottle


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Available to medical professionals only.

Cryotherapy has long been recognized by the medical community as a way to reduce body aches and pains as well as to increase the rate of healing of damaged muscle and tissue

BIOFREEZE® CRYOSPRAY™ (10% Natural Menthol USP)

Finally, a spray so effective and advanced, you can offer it to your patients with confidence. The new Biofreeze® Pain Relieving CRYOSPRAY™ compliments the Biofreeze® Gel & Roll-on while delivering a formulation that is the perfect blend of science & nature. It is easy to apply and penetrates immediately for deep pain relief.


  • Arnica & White Tea Extracts
  • 100% Natural Essential Oils, Natural extracts and Ilex
  • 100% Natural Menthol

The benefits are:

  • It is the strongest pain relief without a prescription
  • Greaseless, non-staining and has vanishing scent
  • Relieves pain naturally without the burn of other sprays
  • It has a 360 degree nozzle that works at any angle