Cramer 1050i Athletic Tape – 32 Roll CASE


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Adhesive Tape Provides Maximum Strength & Comfort

This versatile athletic treatment tape is used to help prevent a range of sports injuries. The durable, zinc oxide material supports joints and muscles during exercise, protects minor wounds, cuts and scrapes from bacteria, and prevents the formulation of blisters and calluses. The tape is lined with latex-free, strong adhesive that will not irritate sensitive skin.

Cramer 1050i Inhibits Hyperflexion & Hyperextension

The Cramer 1050i is a supportive, stabilizing sports tape used to inhibit hyperflexion and hyperextension by reinforcing fragile joints in the wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. Individuals can also use this tape to dress open wounds to help protect the skin during physical activities. This tape is commonly used by athletic trainers, athletes, and other medical professionals.

Easy-to-Tear Tape Conforms to the Body

Made with a porous, 100% cotton cloth, Cramer 1050i is easy to tear and conforms to the different joints and muscles. The breathable tape allows more air to flow to the skin than other tapes made with synthetic materials. People can wear the sports tape under gloves, mitts, cleats, and shoes for preventative protection as you perform in different physical activities.