MMT – Manual Mobilization Table

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The Manual Mobilization Table is composed of three sections; head section, center section and leg section. Both the head and center sections are moveable in one plane (vertically tilt-able along the axis of the table). The leg section is 3-dimensional.

The control unit is built around a high efficiency ball bearing and precision steel ground bars. The leg section is moveable in the horizontal plane – up to 25 degrees on either side of the center line. It may also be rotated around the longitudinal center axis 15 degrees to either side. Together with these movements, the leg section, being mounted on a linear bearing tract, can slide back and forth along the longitudinal axis. The linear bearing tract allows the table to carry the workload, freeing the therapist to accomplish all distractive techniques with great accuracy enabled by the adjustable auto-return on the traction function. Each movement is provided with its own independent locking device enabling the therapist to accomplish 3D traction with ease. All controls of the table are easily accessible from either side of the table and can be precisely released and locked.

Soft Touch Technology 

Cardon’s patented Soft Touch Footswitch has been strategically positioned on the base of your treatment table. Minimal amount of pressure applied by your foot will raise and lower the table with ease.