SpeediCath Compact Female

SpeediCath Compact is a convenient, discreet catheter for women who self-catheterize. It is the first catheter designed to suit the anatomy of the female body, about the same size as a lipstick. And it is safe and easy to use.

SpeediCath Compact has the same low-friction coating as our other SpeediCath products. This coating makes catheterization more comfortable and reduces the risk of urethral damage.

SpeediCath Compact Female is now produced with an easier opening, making it much easier to perform catheterisation anywhere and at anytime*

Other benefits offered by SpeediCath Compact:

  • Pre-hydrated ready to use right out of the pack
  • The easy-grip handle allows for hygienic non-touch insertion and better control
  • No PVC or phthalates

Available in 8FR, 10FR,12FR,14FR