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Tensogrip® is an elasticated tubular bandage and provides light support, light compression and dressing retention. Tensogrip® is an elasticated, tubular support bandage, ideal for the effective management of strains, sprains and soft tissue injuries. Provides consistent pressure and support over varying body contours. Constructed from a cotton/rayon blend with rubber latex yarn. Washable and reusable.

Sizes Wholesale

Size A- 4.5cm x 10M- 50.89
Size B- 6.25cm x 10M- 50.89
Size C- 6.75cm x 10m- 57.26
Size D-7.5CM X 10M- 57.26
Size E- 8.75cm x 10m- 65.73
Size F- 10cm x 10m- 65.73
Size G-12cm x 10M- 95.45
Size J- 17.5cm x 10M- 116.64