Wholesale Information

When you arrive on the highlandsportandmed.com website for the first time, you will see Retail Prices. If you are a Professional practitioner you can request a special Wholesale Pricing account for yourself, your business or your institution. Once your request has been processed, you will have access to Professional pricing and discounts.

How do I know if I qualify as a Professional?

To obtain a Professional Account at Highland Sport and Medical Supplies you must either be a trained and qualified healthcare professional such as a PT, AT, DC, OT, MD, RMT, RN, or Pharmacist etc, or be a manager, administrator, buyer or employee of a healthcare facility (clinic, hospital, nursing home…), or a teacher of a university or college offering medical studies.

Sign up for a general user account with all requested information. Click HERE to contact us and request your Professional Account Status, making sure to provide us your professional membership, association, or license number for verification purposes. We will review your request and grant you access, sending you a notification notifying you of such.